1. This turned out to be too warm, really. Follow on Instagram @invainvanity

  2. Today was blue hopsack and brown candy stripe day (probably not doing much to conceal my weakness for the style of Alan See and his fellow armourers).

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  3. jollytime said: Looking good! From the "brown & petrol" ensemble - are those trousers luxire? If so, what is the color/name of the fabric? Thanks!

    It’s the ‘Chocolate Brown Plain’ linen.


  4. ildominovice said: Hello there! I would like to know what is the height of the rise of your trousers, specifically the white and brown ones you've recently posted. They are beautiful. Are they bespoke? Nice style!

    Hi and thanks for the kind words. The pants are MTM by Luxire and I usually get them with a front rise of 30-31 cm which is the rise I have found to work best with my height (~177 cm) and proportions.

  5. Waiting for the clouds to break in brown and petrol. Yes that hat is pretty beat up.


  6. Anonymous said: Are those luxire trousers in your june 6? What fabric are they? Looks great by the way!

    Thanks, yes they are Luxire and the fabric is a great heavy blend called “Light Tan Cotton Linen”. It does not seem to be available anymore on the site though.

  7. Navy polo and check linen for spring fridays. 

  8. Ruffled linen and cotton after warm day at the office. It appears the key to mixing brown and cream is to add blue!

  9. Springtime for cashmere! The light and longer days inspires a detour from the navy/grey/brown color scheme.

  10. Still weather for heavy fabrics.