1. Maiden voyage for new plain toes by #carminashoemaker

  2. Coat in wool-camel-cashmere over purple dress stripes today. #WIWT #mensstyle #menswear

  3. Blending with the chairs. #WIWT #menswear


  4. The Luxire Sports Coat

    Recently I had a sports coat made by Luxire. I’ve been happy with the many pairs of pants I have from them and eventually I got curious to try their skills on a sports coat. I sent a jacket to them as a reference for measurements and overall design and I also provided a rather detailed list of details I wanted done differently. My aim with was a style inspired by the florentine tailoring tradition with a rather masculine canvassed silhouette, extended shoulders, wide lapels and rounded quarters. The fabric I chose was a brown fine worsted wool from Dugdale bros which strikes a decent balance between casual and formal, being smoother than the average SC cloth but coarse enough not to look like too much of a suit top. I initially pondered a POW check but decided to go with plain colour as not to be too forgiving by having a pattern mask flaws in fit or construction. More lively fabrics and patterns could come later.

    I got the jacket after about two months after sending the reference piece, but had it sent back to Luxire to have them change a couple of details. All in all, the process took a little under three months and this includes shipping times. Luxire really went out of their way to accomodate my wishes and I am really quite happy with the end result. As with their pants and shirts, the construction is quite ambitious with many hand sewn seems, including hand stitched floating canvas in the lapels. 

    I will likely order more jackets from them and ask for minor adjustments to improve on the fit as the reference jacket I sent was not 100% perfect in that respect either. In terms of production quality, I think there’s potential for an even cleaner look and slightly improved details such as the button holes, but I think that it is likely to come as Luxire get more experience in sports coats. And already the result is quite nice and the price more than fair.


    Pants and shirt in these shots are also by Luxire.


    Another one with the jacket opened to show the generous lapel roll.


    Some detail shots. 

  5. Autumnal colours in barleycorn wool and twill silk. #menswear #wiwt

  6. #WIWT #menswear #mensstyle

  7. #WIWT #menswear

  8. A fine day for tweed today #wiwt #menswear #mensstyle #tweed #luigiborrelli #belvest #gantrugger

  9. Stripes. #menswear #mensstyle #suits #belvest #drakes

  10. Brogue and Danite season is here. #menswear #shoes #loake1880